Bon Soul Healing Tse Dup Yang Bod

This energy medicine comes from an unbroken Tibetan lineage in the Bonpo Tradition, the original indigenous spiritual tradition of Tibet. It is a complete energetic healing system for the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual components of human life. Its foundation is based on compassion for all living beings, and the recognition that suffering and ones mental and physical well being can be affected by many forms of obstacles which can be related to energetic imbalances.

In this tradition, it is believed that the five elements of earth, water, fire, air and space are alive forces pervading and underlying all existence; that our soul is composed of their subtle qualities; that they are found both within our bodies and in the environment around us. They form part of our life force and our spiritual essence.

My teacher: Geshe Chongtul Rinpoche & Geshe Ogyen Rinpoche

When these elements are disturbed and out of balance we can become dispirited and forget our connection to the natural world. We may experience depression, addiction, a feeling of soul loss,isolation, burnout and desperation. Inside the body, these elements are affected by pain, stress, trauma, illness, war or environmental stress,  and anxiety. As a result, a form of soul loss and depletion of life force can occur. Whenever we experience a trauma (particularly at an early age) our souls can actually fragment and leave our bodies. This can result in a feeling of disconnection, first from yourself and then from your life.

If not brought back into balance, this can lead to mental, emotional or physical complications, illness, or even death.

The essence being, that when the elemental energies are returned to balance, the soul and life force which were fragmented or lost are regained and the individual experiences a return to wholeness. The energetic disturbance ceases. Qualities of the soul such as Joy, Compassion, Love, and Peace can be experienced again. These are the qualities that serve as a foundation for spiritual awakening.

Through the blessings and protection of this tradition; the teachings, the power of meditation, visualization, mantra, and sacred ritual, the pure elemental qualities can be gathered and the life force restored

Marsha Stonehouse - Reiki Master, Drup Shenpa

Marsha Stonehouse - Reiki Master, Drup Shenpa 416-835-6003,

…. calling on the living essence of the elements — the elemental spirits — to balance and heal the individual.

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