Who I am

My healing and spiritual journey has been evolving since 1972. At that time, I was asked by a spiritual guide ‘what is life force’? That question started me on a journey that is still unfolding today.
Over the years, I have attained a Fine Arts degree and studied in various art colleges and universities to ready myself for a career as a professional artist. I did that for 30 years having shows throughout Canada, Mexico, Singapore and Indonesia.

In 1991, I met a Buddhist monk who has become a life long friend and mentor. Since then, I have been studying and practising meditation and exploring mindfulness and consciousness.
Another aspect of my life has been teaching; painting and drawing, mindfulness, Reiki and leading creativity programs. My work has always included working with people either individually or in groups.
My interest in natural healing took me down a path to become a Reiki Master and then to study with a Tibetan Lama over a 5 year period in the powerful and magical Bonpo tradition.After that I became a healer and teacher in this tradition. My healing practice has been ongoing since 2003.

More recently, I have studied with a channeling teacher to expand my connection with my spirit guides. They have directed me in my painting, made themselves present in meditations and guided me in my healing sessions. Now I want to work with them more consciously and be able to have them guide others through me.
My explorations of channeling and consciousness have lead me into studying and practicing mediumship. This an ever expanding process, deepening my connection to spirit and opening my awareness to the afterlife. The healing aspect of mediumship is very powerful and as I work with people who have lost loved ones I experience their relief and comfort. My early question of ‘what is life force’ continues to be answered in many different ways.

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What I do

My paintings have always been an exploration and expression of beauty, the deeper essence of all living things and often how different cultures express these aspects of life. I have included a variety of paintings on this website that represent the last 30 + years of creating.

For the past 30+ years I have designed and taught many programs in public schools, colleges, private schools, universities and in my private courses. These continue to be a part of my work and cover these areas: art instruction, creativity, meditation and healing.
Periodically I run programs over zoom that will be included in the 'Events and Workshops' heading.

Energy Healing:
Everyone has had traumas at some point in their life. These can have occurred in the past or recently. These negative experiences can stay in the body as an energy imprint and can affect us on many levels. They can influence our thoughts, beliefs, emotions and spirit.
With energy healing these imprints can be identified and released. In my work, I interact with you directly and guide you to bring love and acceptance to these aspects of yourself that are holding trauma and experiencing suffering. Sometimes when working with a physical issue the client will uncover a deeper level of negative belief or emotion that has contributed to the physical issue.
Clinical research has shown that energy healing can…
* ​Reduce stress and anxiety (and associated symptoms)
* Ease unwanted symptoms such as pain, inflammation, nausea, fatigue, insomnia,  
* Improve overall physical health
* Support you in emotional challenges such as anger, grief, depression, feeling lost or hopeless.
​Clients also report that Energy Healing can:
* ​Enhance spiritual connection
* Increase self-love and self-worthAssist in releasing old patterns that prevent you from living the life you desire.

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