The Stonehouse Studio for the Creative and Healing arts offers artwork, programs and tours and is a creative base for artist Marsha Stonehouse. Founded and directed by Toronto artist, healer and teacher Marsha Stonehouse, the studio is located in Toronto. Programs are offered in different locations at designated local and international locales.


See a selection of artwork by Marsha Stonehouse.


  • The Healing Power of Creativity
  • Visual Journaling
  • The Creative Way
  • Making Your Mark

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‘The Creative Life’ Tours:

Designed and led by the artist, these tours cater to those who are interested in experiencing the creative process while traveling. Visiting unique cultural sites, participants are encouraged to meet and work with local artists in each country. Art, healing and personal growth workshops are held in various locations while on tour. More info.

Upcoming Events:

The Magical Island Painting Expedition:

Marsha returns to the island of so much inspiration for painting and healing work, February/March 2014.

New paintings from this trip will be available for sale in late spring. Contact Marsha here.

A presentation at Banyen Books in Vancouver, March 30, 2014

A presentation at Grail Springs, June 29th to July 4th