Bio - Marsha Stonehouse

Marsha Stonehouse is a professional artist, teacher and creativity facilitator who lives and paints in Toronto. A graduate in Fine Art from the University of Western Ontario, she has also pursued graduate studies at the Banff School of Fine Art in Alberta and the Slade School of Art in England. Marsha shows her work in Toronto, and her paintings are found in many corporate and private collections across Canada. She is also represented by galleries in Jakarta and Singapore.

As a creativity facilitator, she works with organizations in executive development across Canada and internationally. She leads creativity workshops, courses and retreats that expand 'right-brain' thinking and enhances personal and professional growth. As a teacher, Marsha has taught students at the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Avenue Road Art School (in Toronto), the Banff School of Fine Art, the Royal Ontario Museum and the University of Calgary. She has also conducted mural and other special arts-education projects for community organizations and school boards, which are sponsored by grants from the Ontario Arts Council.

Over the past 20 years Marsha has lived creatively - exploring painting, drawing, sculpture, dance, music, writing, martial arts, meditation and travel.